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This is a vision of the fragmentation of our planet by human beings, and the problems that millions of people face everyday; striving to find a better life in those places called the “First World”. Some attain the dream, but most squander their lives. While others observe it impassively.
2007 1st place in painting at the 21st Annual PBCC student Art Exhibitions. I was awarded for Academic Excellence in the Palm Beach Community College Annual Art Awards.

La mirada a las fronteras permite ver las contradicciones y profundas fracturas del mundo en que vivimos. Es un movimiento incesante de seres cruzando fronteras geopolíticas en busca de la tierra de los sueños. Algunos lo logran, otros fallecen mientras el resto mira impavido.

  • Open Borders
  • Mixed media on canvas
  • 39×32
  • From the serie “Open Borders” 230 mill.
  • Acrylic on wood panel
  • 24x 13